Lineage 2 Protection

High performance protection servers, deployed in hours.
Working in all Lineage 2 Versions - C4 to Classic.
Working perfect in Java Servers or PTS(L2OFF)

Begginer Protection

Perfect for all L2JAVA Servers - Cheap and realiable. Protection for all bots and hackers.

$ 99 ,99/year
  • Anti-Bot Protection
  • Anti-Hacker Prt
  • Anti-Cheater Prt
  • Anti-Inject Protection
  • Your Logo IMG
  • File Protection
  • Free Install
  • Free Updates
  • Manage Licence IP
  • Bad Words Protect
  • Interfaces Protect
  •  Support L2OFF PTS

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Advanced Protection

Advanced Plans offer Full security for all servers L2Java and L2OFF Server.

$ 149 /year
  • All functions 1st Plan
  • Files Protection
  • Offline Licence
  • Anti-Inject Protect
  • Your Logo IMG
  • File Protection
  • Additional Modules
  • Free Change chronic..
  • Free Install/Updates
  • Bad Words Protect
  • Support L2OFF PTS
  • Interfaces Protect
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  • All licenses are managed by customers
  • Free IP modification - change the panel
  • Tracking gaming sessions (Not IP)
  • Support 24x7 Ticket and Skype
  • Ban players by HWID key
  • Block against bot and packets-hack
  • Accepted Payments:

Anti Bot Protection

Protection for L2Tower free and VIP
- Actualy Version and Future News

Anti Bot Protection

Protection for L2Adrenaline and L2Divine
- L2Walker, L2Net all bots not working.

Anti Hacker Protection

Include Protection all PHX Versions
- Actualy Version and Future News

Anti Cheaters Protection

Include Protection Cheaters
- Cheat Engine, Hidetoolz and others

Anti Hacker Protection

Protection for all Versions PE
- Process Explorer and others Explorers

Anti Cheater Protection

Protection for all Hackers Lineage 2
- Your Server is Protection in L2J-Guard