About L2JGuard

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Full Protection for Lineage 2 Servers

L2J-Guard is a client-server protection module for Lineage 2 Servers

 L2J-Guard provides additional encryption of traffic between the player and the server preventing spoofing traffic and complicating the modification of network packets.

 We make a connection between Java and System a kind of box that doing so loguem the server with the complete system or all files in the System, not having the files in the system the player receives a message telling you to download the system, and then disconnected and and can only permecer logged in with a particular system.

 Our protection combines with all operating systems, works perfectly on all computers with 32 or 64x.

 We protections for all Cheates used by client-side players, we have protections for all types of bots also can not be left out, we also have complete protection from hackers who disrupt the gameplay servers, causing players have benefits on the server

 We all locking methods to protect your server from all threats used by players worldwide.
Our protection works in all the Chronicles ...
 - C4
 - Interlude
 - Hellbound
 - Gracia Final
 - Gracia Epilogue
 - Freya
 - High Five
 - Godess of Destruction
 - Tauti
 - Lindvior
 - Ertheia
 - New Classic

We can install on any project or independent server versions.
Quick and easy installation.
Our archives are quite light tested and works perfectly on Windows or Linux.

Anti Bot Protection

Protection for L2Tower free and VIP
- Actualy Version and Future News

Anti Bot Protection

Protection for L2Adrenaline and L2Divine
- L2Walker, L2Net all bots not working.

Anti Hacker Protection

Include Protection all PHX Versions
- Actualy Version and Future News

Anti Cheaters Protection

Include Protection Cheaters
- Cheat Engine, Hidetoolz and others

Anti Hacker Protection

Protection for all Versions PE
- Process Explorer and others Explorers

Anti Cheater Protection

Protection for all Hackers Lineage 2
- Your Server is Protection in L2J-Guard

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it works perfectly in any L2Java version, regardless of its cronica whether it is C4, C5, Intelude, Grace, Freya, H5 to Classic..
Yes, we block all packet-based hackers, block all Adrenaline-related and Tower-related bots.
No, the installation is super easy and if we need we have a team ready to install without any kind of cost.
Contact us and let us know which is the new bot or hacker or bypass that we will immediately correct and apply to the automatic update for all customers.